Let’s explore four types of lighting and how Stylish Home Office can help you design a brilliantly bright home office.


In any incredible interior design proper lighting plays a crucial role. You can't work in the dark or even a dimly lit room. Your home office lighting should be bright and strategically placed so you can tackle any project that comes your way. 


Starting out our journey, we’ll explore wall mounted lamps. Often used interchangeably with wall sconce lighting, wall lamps differ from sconces because of the light source. Wall lamps have a light source that is typically covered by glass creating diffuse lighting. The Rachel Marble Curved Wall Lamp is an incredible lamp to add diffuse lighting. We recommend using a minimum of 2 wall mounted light fixtures. Working in pairs allows you to frame a section of your office, whether that be the office entrance, behind your modern desk, or near a seating area. The Rachel Lamp will have you defining space and adding gorgeous diffuse lighting in no time.


Next up, we have pendant lighting. Pendant lighting is an example of hanging light fixtures and has gone out of style throughout the years, but has come back with new and fresh designs making it an interior design staple. Pendant lighting is defined as a lone light fixture that hangs from the ceiling via a cord, rope, or chain. It is similar to a chandelier light but with only one light source instead of many. The Silicone Pendant Lamp is the perfect example of modern pendant lighting. The ideal choice for industrial pendant lighting or farmhouse pendant lighting, the Silicone Lamp will create a collaborative and soft office mood. We love these lighting choices in conference rooms to create an impactful minimalist look.


Floor lamps are probably something you are more familiar with and most likely have used throughout your home. Adding a modern floor lamp to your home office design will add even more gorgeous ambient lighting as well as task lighting depending on the style of lamp you choose. For a statement piece of diffuse lighting, the Soili Marble Floor Lamp will be the talk of your office. A gold floor lamp with 4 ballon light bulbs, this lamp is definitely a conversation starter. For a more task lighting focused floor lamp, the Paulina Floor Lamp is the absolute best. Envision this white floor lamp over your reading chair or next to your desk, adding more direct light to any task.


Last, but certainly not least, table lamps. Colorful, full of texture and style, modern table lamps are a fun and easy decor piece for adding personal touches to your home office while bringing light to dim areas. Table lamps are amazing because they are the best lighting solution for small spaces and can produce all types of lighting from task to ambient lighting. The Kelly Table Lamp is a versatile lamp inspired by nature. With a wood grain base and cream shade, this neutral lamp can adapt to most styles and add much needed task lighting to your desk or seating area.


When designing, most people focus their design on home office furniture and make office lighting an after thought, but we want to challenge you to think of lighting at the beginning of your home office design. With proper lighting, your home office can be a place of creativity and ingenuity instead of a dull office cubicle. Utilizing only two out of the four types of lighting available at Stylish Home Office will have you designing a happier, healthier, and more efficient home office.