Find the perfect seating for your home office from StylishHomeOffice!

Sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation to get out of bed, let alone go to work. Wouldn’t it feel a bit more motivating if you were able to work in a fabulously designed home office or work office? Imagine splashes of color, personal style touches, and functional comfort. Let’s get motivated to create offices with office furniture that bring life back to the work place.


What is the first item of furniture you think of when you hear the word office? Did you say a stylish office chair? Yes, desk chairs are the backbone to a fantastic modern office desk setup. Spending an average of 1900 hours a year in an office chair during a 40 hour work week, you obviously require comfort and durability.  But who says it can’t look well designed? This is the 21st century and stylish contemporary office chairs are in and here to stay. The Brockton Contemporary designed office chair will help you slay any task. This sleek black office chair was designed with functionality and comfort in mind, from its 360° swivel to the waterfall front which relieves lower leg pressure. You will want to go to work everyday know this contemporary beauty is just waiting to ease you through your work day.


The modern day office can serve a variety of functions. Traditionally, an office might serve the sole purpose of getting work done, but as home office ideas have evolved the function of the space has become one of versatility. Your office might consist of an office desk and leather office chair, but you might also want to design a space for a comfortable reading nook where you can get lost in a great adventure novel or day dream of times past. Escape the day in the Button Arm Chair designed with comforting wool. Add one for yourself, or add two and allow this multipurpose chair to double as arm chairs and accent chairs. Available in 3 colors, this modern chair will be a comfortable respite for reading, lounging, or chatting. If a sofa is more your style, the Ada Sofa in pink will have you napping…we mean lounging in no time. This lounge chair’s curved edges add a modern twist to the traditional sofa and the soft pink suede adds a pop of color and personality. 


When adding accent chairs to your office whether at home or at work, it is important to consider choosing chairs that fit your style, room size, and material. We recommended purchasing accent chairs in pairs. The Homestead Accent Chair is a versatile modern white accent chair. With its steel frame and soft white leatherette, your guests will be impressed that you didn’t sacrifice style for comfort. Because of its neutral white finish, you can play up each chair with textured pillows or a chunky throw to really define not only your space but your style and brand.


Chairs, whether computer chair, accent chair, or lounge chair, each are a crucial piece of office furniture. We sit in them, design in them, brainstorm in them, have business meetings, sometimes nap, read, we lounge. With all the activities that we experience in this one piece of furniture, choose something that not only boosts your productivity, but also maintains your comfort while achieving it. No matter what your style, Stylish Home Office is ready to transform your office into a powerhouse of productive and perfect design.