Good home office storage is key to keep your home office functioning and productive. With a tidy space, you are sure to be more productive and inspired. Stylish Home Office has some home office storage ideas and home office furniture to fit your needs.


We know your first thought is what would a bedroom dresser be doing in a home office? Well we decided to rethink the sole purpose of a dresser. Instead of storing clothes why not store extra office supplies or important materials to create a highly functional home office design? The Sneha Dresser is artisan crafted of wood and metal. This phenomenal real wood dresser is a swap out for the traditional wooden cabinet. With 6 drawers of ample storage, the Sneha will fit all your surplus of office supplies all while keeping them out of sight from your guests and yourself because no one likes to see a cluttered office.


Can you guess the most traditional piece of office furniture storage? If you said wooden bookcase, then you’d be correct. Think about all the movies you’ve watch with office scenes and all the offices you’ve visited. When have you not seen a solid wood bookcase? You see our point. Bookcases are a staple in home office storage. They are an ideal place to display books, awards, and momentos. The Rustic Bookcase from the Cumberland Collection is our favorite because it’s a bookcase with drawers Not only does the Cumberland have 3 shelves but also a drawer. Designed with steel and wood, this rustic bookcase offers ample storage for displaying eye catching office decor to keep you motivated and inspire your guests.


At Stylish Home Office, we understand not every customer has a home office large enough to fit a wood dresser or large bookcase. When you have a smaller office space like a closet office, what you lack in square footage, you gain in height, so consider going up with your storage with office wall shelves. Shelving works great for displaying office decor, backup office supplies, or books. There are two options for shelving: open or boxed. The Edge Shelf with Leather Rope is an example of open shelving office storage. For the minimalist, the Edge Shelf in modern Scandinavian design offers one solid area of storage. The Wayland Storage Wall Shelf is an example of boxed design. This shelf is great if you have a few more office accessories because of its 3 areas of office organization. 


Whether you work from home or just need a place to study, home office organization is paramount to be successful. With proper storage and office organization, your home office can work like a well oiled machine and look stylish while doing it. Stylish Home Office can’t wait to help you on your journey to an organized and well designed home office.