Welcome to Stylish Home Office!

If you have been living in the year 2020, you know the term home office has a whole new meaning. What was once thought of as a space for running a business or a hideaway to organize your schedule and pay bills, has been transformed into a space for home schooling or remote work. Whichever your need, Stylish Home Office can help you dream up and design a home office setup that will have you thriving. 

Gone are the days of uncomfortable metal office chairs and lack luster desks. We are creating vibrant home offices ideas that spark ingenuity and inspire learning. The Mid Back Black Level Executive Office Chair will have you not only looking like a boss but feeling like one, too. This ergonomic office chair will get you through any 8-hour work or school day with ease. Padded arm and neck rests create luxurious comfort giving you the stamina to hustle through even the longest days.

Office desks come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and even textures. Despite all of the modern desk choices out there, our tried and true choice is a minimalist desk. That’s why we are obsessed with our White Computer Desk. It’s contemporary style, versatility, and perfect size make it an easy choice for any home office, even if the only space you have is for a closet desk.

Let’s have some fun and show off your personal style with office decor. By choosing accents to match the style of the room but are also functional and inspiring, you’ll create a harmonious home office design. Did you know adding a mirror to your space will make it look larger? Why not add a mirror with a little personality like the Ocular Mirror. It’s office wall decor that is whimsical with a splash of sass. If you are a plant lover, add color with the Retro Planter in Green and Teal. Not only will the planter add a pop of color, but whatever house plant you add will bring life to your home office decor.

Lighting has to be the second most important element to a functional home office. Good lighting helps to reduce eye strain and brighten your mood. This is why we always recommend a desk lamp and floor lamp. The Brentwood Table Lamp is a powerful task lamp that will help light your way when you’re burning the midnight oil., The Brentwood’s faux wood grain shade makes it adaptable to either a modern table lamp or rustic table lamp. Add a modern mood and diffuse lighting with the Waterloo Floor Lamp. With soft, brushed brass, this contemporary floor lamp will add diffuse bright light while looking stunning in your office.

Whether you are working with a large office space or a small one, office storage is key. The modern office is all about functionality and versatility, so let’s use your space efficiently. If you have a small square footage, don’t forget to go up! By using office shelving, like the Wayland Storage Wall Shelf you’ll create additional storage opportunities without looking cluttered. If space is not a concern, then adding a rustic bookcase from the Cumberland Collection will deliver just the right amount of storage. With natural wood grain, open shelving, and a steel frame, this sleek bookcase will be the perfect display for mementos, awards, or books.

With more people working remotely or starting their own businesses, home offices are not going anywhere so why not make them stylish, functional, and full of personality? Your office furniture and office accessories should be a place of inspiration and focus. No one wants to work in a soulless cubicle. Stylish Home Office is here and ready to help you design and furnish the work or home office of your dreams.