Office decor is the truest expression of your personal style. Shop StylishHomeOffice for the perfect office decor.


We understand that not everyone has the budget or space to lavishly decorate, but home office decor allows you to add your personal stamp of style to any space no matter your budget. With so many styles out there, let’s talk about the 3 most popular ones and source decor for each so you can design an office that is an ultimate expression of you.


Let’s start with rustic farmhouse. Signature features of this very popular style for home interiors include gorgeous wood grains, an emphasis on natural materials, and distressed metals. Rustic farmhouse decorating ideas often use neutral home office furniture and accent it with rustic office accessories in order to really bring the style to life. The Brown Poly Bottle is a great signature piece of office decor featuring a subtle texture and a trumpet style opening, this bottle is a versatile piece made to be displayed alone or with other accents. A fun way to add natural materials to this design is with dried flowers. Whether you choose dried hibiscus flowers in the summer and dried lavender flowers in the fall, flowers are a way to add color and inspiration to your home office design. Office wall decor comes in a variety of forms, but our favorite wall decor is mirrors. You have to make sure you look sharp for those business meetings right? The Arched Wooden Frame Mirror is crafted of solid wood with a cherry brown stain, making it a signature piece for your rustic farmhouse office.  


Next up on our tour of popular office design is modern. Modern office design focuses on earthy or neutral tones, natural materials, and not hyper focusing unnecessary details. To summarize, modern style is less is more when choosing home office decor. Our Chevron Bottle is a modern-shaped decorative vase with a gorgeous ocean blue chevron pattern. Sure to be a stand out in any office cubicle decor. Placed on your desk or on a nearby shelf, the Chevron bottle can hold its own or be pair with another vase for a more bold impact. We can’t forget about office wall decor. Mirrors are a fun and functional piece for any home office. The Tall Gold Mirror is a stunning gold wall mirror. The neutral color will complement any modern office space and its versatility is unmatched. This gold framed mirror can be hung or rested upright and has a longer lower edge for resting your keys or adding a little more decor, but remember modern design is all about less is more.


The last home office design we will explore is contemporary. A style that features simplicity, subtle sophistication, and deliberate use of textures and clean lines, contemporary home design is defined as sleek and fresh. Set a contemporary mood with our Gold Candle Holder. Whether you need to be energized with the scent of citrus or unwind with notes of lavender, this sleek candlestick holder will serve beautifully with a ribbed texture and distressed finish to add intrigue to your contemporary design.


Office decor can take a basic home office design and transform it into the ultimate expression of you. Adding office accessories is an easy, quick, and cost effective way to showcase your personality, and add visual interest and beauty to your office. Stylish Home Office is ready to help you design and accessorize an unrivaled home office.